What is a public? Topic of the week for week two

January 31, 2010 at 10:57 pm (Comm 2322, Topic Of The Week) (, )

What is a public? This could be defined as a certain group in society one may see themselves being a member of.  I believe the most important public I am apart of is Christianity. This public shapes my worldview and my outlook on life in every possible way.For too many people this is a public they are born into and not a public they make a decision to join. Even though I have been a pastor’s son my entire life, I made a decision of my own to join this public a long time ago.

I also consider my self a musician. I have been playing music since I started playing the trumpet in middle school but it was when I started developing a passion for the guitar that I truly became a musician. After high school, I sent several years constantly traveling with my band providence . We many great times on the road. We are still good friends and we still play music together even though we do not travel as much as we used to. I currently lead praise and worship at my church. This is a new experience for me and it has help stretch me further in my faith and my musicianship.

I also consider myself to be a “techie.” I love technology and the feelings of fascination it brings me. I have to bring my computer with me everywhere I go (a mac of course). I think I really became interested in technology when I was a kid and I wondered how movies and special effects were made.  That wonderment led me to desire to learn more and more about technology. I am currently learning as much as I can about the film editing process because of the child like amazement to still brings me. I like using networking tools like facebook and of course twitter. I think it is really cool we are using it in this class.

My guitars!


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Chapter Two Reading

January 31, 2010 at 9:39 pm (Comm 2322, Reading Notes) (, )

Chapter Two- The Evolution of Public Relations

Public Relations- Strategies and Tactics by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron

  • Much of the early success of America can be attributed to public relations. Companies promoted to the public that there was great crop soil in the new world. (Pg. 41)
  • President Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to make use of news conferences and press interviews to help support his public image. (pg. 48)
  • The growth of the U.S. economy in the second half the 20th century was one of the main reasons for the growth of public relations. Other reasons include

-Major increases in urban and suburban polulations

-The growth of a more impersonalized society represented by big business, big labor, and big government

– Scientific and technological advances

– The Mass media communications revolution (Pg. 56-57)

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Chapter One Reading

January 21, 2010 at 6:19 pm (Comm 2322, Reading Notes) (, )

Chapter One- What Is Public Relations?

Public Relations- Strategies and Tactics by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glenn T. Cameron

Key Ideas

1. Public Relations is a Process. The acronym RACE, created by John Marston, helps us evaluate that process.(Pg. 8-9)

2. Other common names for public relations are corporate affairs, corporate relations, external communications, and public affairs. (Pg. 12)

3. A 2006 PRWeek survey ranked public relations more effective than advertising in nine total ares. (Pg 22)

  1. Brand reputation,
  2. Corporate reputation,
  3. Cultivating thought leaders,
  4. Strategy development,
  5. Launching a new product,
  6. Build awareness,
  7. Generating word of mouth,
  8. Message development
  9. Overcoming a crisis.

4. There are five abilities that are essential to someone wishing to pursue a career in public relations. (pg 25)

  1. Writing Skill
  2. Research ability
  3. Planning expertise
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Business/economics competence.

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