March 11, 2010 at 4:18 pm (Comm 2322, Comments That I have Written)

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Rob Goetsch Jr.

Post- What Era would I work as a PR professional?

Great post Rob. I totally agree with a little of the points you stated in this post. I actually said that I would have like to work in this era of public relations in my post for a lot of the same reasons. Since this was such an influential time, is there anything you wished Edward Barnays did differently? This there anything different that you would have advised Barnays to do back then if you could speak to him knowing what we know now? Just a thought. I also like how you linked both Bernays and Freud to their biographies. Keep up the good work.

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Juliet Jones

Post- Twitter

Hey Juliet,

This is a great post. I like a lot of the different points you brought up about using twitter. Like you, I never really thought about using twitter for PR or business reasons until this class. I just thought twitter was good for talking with your friends and having fun posting silly things. That is great that you decided to follow some famous people and connect to their sites. Did any of them follow you in return? Did any of them comment on any of your posts? That would be pretty neat if that happened. Keep up the great work.

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Chad Ainsworth

Post- Week 7 Topic of the Week

Hey Chad,

You brought up some great points that I did not think of myself in my post. I like your thoughts, “For the job interview, I would recommend wearing business professional attire ( better to be overdressed than underdressed), and to not wear any perfume or cologne because the interviewer might have a negative connotation associated with that perfume or cologne from a previous spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.” I think it is great you brought up the importance of appearance. Sometimes lasting impressions will be based on appearance be it via clothing or fragrance like you pointed out. Here is just a thought. Do you think that a bad interview can be phased out by a great looking resume with a lot of experience? Or is the interview the most important factor in the hiring process? Please share your thoughts. See ya around.

Comment 4-

Annalee Cole

Post- Week Eight

Hey Annalee,

That is really cool that you are from Panama City. I have been there a few times to play concerts with my band. I thought it was a really neat place. It is hard for me to imagine what it would be like to live there because when I have been there it is always packed with people! Then again, I am only been there around spring break season of the year. Does it slow down a lot in the winter months? That is very interesting that the city officials voted against allowing TV crews to come to the city this year. Do you think that will help the city and its efforts to become more “family oriented” or will it not really make a difference?

Comment 5-

Megan Ginger

In response to her comment on my post- Week 7 Topic of the Week


Unfortunately, the software “Winway” is not free. Here is the website, From what I can tell, it is like you described, “a site where you can plug your information in and then it’ll do the rest of the work for you.” I have actually never used it for myself. Professor Nixon recommended this software to me for developing resumes. As far as I understand, she actually had something to do with the development of the software. She does to have a great deal of knowledge on the subject. I really learned a great deal from her presentations on this topic.

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Rob Goetsch Jr.

Post- “Top Ten from Public Relations”


This is a great list! I also greatly enjoyed learning about some of the very same points that you recognized especially the use of media. While it may sound obvious that media is a great tool its impact is often underestimated. Many times what separates a good blog post and a great blog post is maybe an additional picture, video, or even music. I also learned a great deal from the public relations interview like you mentioned. While we may learn a great deal in the classroom it helps us almost reinforce that information in our heads when we see it in “real life.” I for one can agree with you saying that I greatly enjoyed this class and learned a great deal.

Comment 7-

Annalee Cole

Post- Top 10 List!


I really enjoyed reading your top ten list. I also included social networking, blog commenting, crisis communication, and podcasts in the top ten list of my own. I thought it was very interesting that in your interview with a public relations professional that biggest advice he gave you was the importance of reading. I think so often we choose not to read valuable information that is so accessible to us in our society today. I wonder what public relations professionals of pervious eras would give to access to all the resources that are available to us today. This is just a thought.

Comment 8-

Molly Dodd-

Post- My Top 10


I really appreciate your top ten list. It is funny because I included a lot of the same items in the top ten post of my own. These topics are twitter, commenting, resumes, and crisis communication. I can also identify with all the other topics you included in your post. I think we just learned so much in this class that it is difficult to limit our topics to just a list of ten items. I really connected with your emphasis on being a good listener. So many people express the need to be a good writer but we do not here too much about being a good listener. Great post!

Comment 9-

Amanda Furmage-

Post- Grand Finale


This is a fantastic post about the top things you have learned this semester. I actually included a lot of the same key concepts in my top ten post. These concepts included the use of social media, proper resume writing, crisis communication, Twitter. It is funny because I even include quotes from the interview with Kneale Mann also in my post. I learned a great deal of information from viewing that interview. His advice about writing what interests you and your audience finding you really struck me. I think that is great you are looking into possible careers within public relations. Best of luck!

Comment 10-

Brianna Huisinga-

Post- “Top 10 Things I learned This Semester”


It seems like you learned a lot of valuable content this semester. I feel very fortunate that I was also able to acquire abundant amounts of knowledge pertaining to the field of pubic relations. I actually included points about commenting, job resumes, goolgle alerts, and crisis communication in the top ten post of my own. I thought it was interesting that you also decided to include information about compfight, Ap Style Guide, and honesty in this post. Reading your blog reminding me of the times when we discussed this information. It is hard for me to remember everything thing that we covered this semester so it is always good to have a refresher. Great job!

Comment 11-

Mikelle Liette,

Post- Comm 2322…. Oh The Things I have Learned!!


I am gald that you enjoyed your time this semester in Comm 2322, public relations applications. I must say that I also enjoyed our time together and I also learned a great deal of valuable information’s. This is a great list of information that you have compiled in this post. I actually included so of the same points in my top 10 post. However, I might have approached the topics slightly different in my post. I think it is great that each of us bring out different aspects of great information and then share our thoughts with one another!

Comment 12

Megan Ginger

Post- “Top 10 Tips”


I am glad that you learned a lot of great information this semester. I am glad to say that I also learned a great deal of knowledge pertaining to public relations myself. There is a lot of great advice given in this post. I am glad you reminded me of the importance of being organized and prompt. It is easy to forget the small and simple things that are very important to the client. I also included information in my top 10 post about resumes, crisis communication, and social media outlets. Great post


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