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April 29, 2010 at 10:41 pm (Comm 2322, Top Ten) (, )

After I finish many classes I feel like I have not really learned anything. Fortunately, this is not the case at all in Public Relations Applications (Comm2322). For those of you wondering what I have learned, I have composed a top ten list of valuable information I learned form this class.

  1. Social Networking- I learned very quickly in this class that a key for success in public relations is staying connected to the world through social media. This factor can be applied on both an individual and company basis. Social media provides powerful tools that can reap great benefits if used wisely. Building relationships with people on a professional level through social media is one of the smartest things a new public relations professional can accomplish.
  2. Twitter– Before I took this case I had never before used twitter. To be completely honest, I did not really even understand what the point of twitter was. This class taught me just how great a tool twitter can become for social media purposes. It did take me a while at first to understand how to use this resource effectively. However, once I did grasp some of the valuable features of twitter I could easily see how it can be used as a powerful social media outlet, even more so than facebook or myspace. Check out a blog post on mine about twitter for more information.
  3. Crisis- One of the most important jobs a public relations official has is effectively handling crisis within a company. Proper preparation and execution can minimize damage to the company. To read more about this topic please see Professor Nixon’s valuable lecture or even my blog post about this topic.
  4. Resumes- I learned a great deal from Professor Nixon about how to write great resumes. This was great experience for me to learn about because I really had no knowledge or experience about this topic beforehand. Many of the tips I learned can be found on a blog post about resume tips that I learned.
  5. Blogging- This class made me realize why we should blog in the first place. I have never been one for blogging before this class but I think this has changed. It is important to write about what interests you and after you start doing this an audience will find you. The most important thing is just to start writing.
  6. Commenting- Although I am usually a quiet individual, I have never had a problem expressing myself and my opinions. This class thought me that the same should also be applied to commenting on blogs. In Professor Nixon’s interview with Kneale Mann, Mr. Mann stated, “the price of admission is contribution,” concerning blogging and commenting. I thought this was a great statement. I also enjoyed observing other valuable information he stated in the interview.
  7. Interview with a public relations professional- I learned a great deal of information from my interview with Mrs. Pat Rideout. I was actually able to record our interview in video format. Recording the interview allowed me to view the interview several times and analyze the valuable information that Mrs. Rideout was kind enough to share.
  8. Podcasting- Before this class I had only listened to a few basic podcasts. These podcasts were very basic and not greatly knowledgeable. This class thought me to search for exciting podcasts that can offer a great range of information. One of the podcasts I listened to about public relations was called For Immediate Release. You can read more about what I learned by listening to this podcast by reading my blog post about this topic.
  9. Media- While I have always been a fan of media and technology I never really realized how powerful it can be in a blog post until this class. Sometimes the addition of an image or even an embedded video can add a whole new element to a post.
  10. Hyperlink- As simple as it sounds, before this class I was never in the habit of leaving good hyperlinks on web sites. Although I did understand how to create a hyperlink before this class I did not completely understand the concept a hyperlink. A hyperlink on a website looks so much more professional and neat on a website and organized then writing our the full URL.

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