Week 12 Topic of the Week

April 29, 2010 at 8:30 pm (Comm 2322, Topic Of The Week) (, )

It was a great privilege to listen to professor Nixon’s interview with Kneale Mann. Mr. Mann is currently involved in two aspects of pubic relations. First, he handles public relations for many non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity . For these non-profit public companies Mr. Mann specializes in marketing and social media strategy. Mr. Mann is also highly involved in public relations for private business. He mostly deals with business strategies to help these private organizations grow.

I was surprised to learn that Mr. Mann is also currently involved in marketing as well as public relations. In the past he has been a newspaper columnist but most of his career has been involved in radio broadcasting. He mentions he had 23 years of experience in the radio industry where he served in positions like programing director and marketing director. It surprised me that someone with so much experience in radio and broadcasting would make the transition over to public relations.

Mr Mann spoke about how there is an overlap of public relations, communications, and social media. This was a new concept that I learned from this interview. This can also explain how he made the transition from radio to marketing and public relations.

I also heard some great advice from Mr. Mann about blog writing. He mentioned things like Just start writing and eventually you will find something that interests you. Along this topic he mentioned that your interests and what you are an expert in will change over time. Perhaps the idea that stuck out to me the most was just start writing and you will find your audience. A stated, “the price of admission is contribution.” This is a great quote concerning blogging.


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