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April 20, 2010 at 12:08 pm (Comm 2322, PR Connections) (, )

I found some very interesting sites that claims that an Apple employee left a prototype for an updated version of the iPhone at a bar. While reading this I wondered if it is possible that this Apple employee left the new phone “accidentally” on purpose for the publicly. Regardless if this was intention or not it will be interesting how Apple handles this situation.

Check out this page from Fox news

Check out this page from PC magazine



  1. rob G. said,

    That’s a great observation and thought. Sometimes you have to ask the questions and wonder how many “accidents” for a company that large are actually accidents. I mean look at the whole “ipad” thing, everyone made fun of it and said it would fail, which got people talking and interested, and now it’s huge. If the employee did leave it out on purpose I wonder if it was for personal reasons or if the company asked him to?! Kind of crazy to think about.

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  3. afurmage said,

    I saw this article on the Yahoo front page, but failed to look further into it simply because the headline was “iPhone left in California Bar” or something just as unappealing. I mean, that not too newsworthy and losing an iPhone is not much of catastrophe. But after reading your post I finally understand what all the commotion was about. You have some great input on the possibility that this was a publicity stunt, if it is, in my opinion, is a great move on Apple’s part. It makes people, such as myself, extremely curious and wanting to find out more. It’s definitely a lot more interesting than a basic press release or staged news conference. Thanks for adding the links too so I could get more information. Great post!

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  5. brhuis said,

    I also saw news articles on this subject, but it never even occurred to me that this might be an intentional act! I was actually feeling kind of sympathetic for Apple, believing that their secret plans were now foiled because of someone’s unfortunate error. Now that I have read your post, I have been thinking about the possibility that it wasn’t so unfortunate. It definitely wouldn’t surprise me if this was a purposeful placement, and I think that’s a smart idea if it was. Now the public has a sneak peek into the features of the new iPhone, and the product also got tons of publicity that it might not have gotten otherwise. People are generally more intrigued about something when they don’t think they’re supposed to know about it, so I imagine the information on this iPhone was widely circulated. I look forward to seeing if the next version of the iPhone is the same as this “accidental” one and if its sales are increased at all because of this event.

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