Interview With a Public Relations Professional

March 26, 2010 at 5:24 pm (Comm 2322, Interview) (, , , )

This past week I had the privilege of conducting a face to face interview with public relations professional Mrs. Pat Rideout. Mrs. Rideout is currently the Director of Fundraising at Paula Dockery for Governor. In the past she has served as director at Polk County Builders Association Foundation, Membership & Communications Coordinator at HBA Manatee, Sales Counselor at Westminster Communities of Florida, and Government Affairs Coordinator at Publix grocery stores.



  1. afurmage said,

    After viewing a few of our classmates’ blogs about their interview experiences, I was pretty impressed to see that you conducted your interview video style. That was so awesome that your interviewee took the time to sit down with you and provide our class with some great information on the public relations profession. It was encouraging to hear Ms. Rideout tell us how she couldn’t pick out just one project she was especially proud of because there were so many remarkable situations she was able to participate in. Another great thing I learned from your interview is that there are so many different outlets for public relations. For example, Ms. Rideout worked in PR for a grocery store and a builders’ foundation. My interviewee worked for the Detroit Tigers’ baseball team. There are just so many opportunities for those looking for a career in PR! Great post!!

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