Week Six Topic of the Week

March 5, 2010 at 10:01 am (Comm 2322, Topic Of The Week) (, )

In Chapter 4 we learned the difference between a public relations department in a company and a public relations firm, For a student just about to graduate from college deciding which one to seek to become a member of is a very import question. This one more beneficial to other? Or perhaps one is more valuable to a long term career than the other. How can we find out?

On page 121 of Public Relations Strategies and Tactics by Wilcox and Cameron we can find the answers to these questions. Within a PR firm, individuals have the opportunity to network with other public relations professionals that can lead to better jobs, provide support to a variety of clients allowing a possibilities for advances, and employees in a PR firm will have their skills “honed and polished.” However a PR firm does have it setbacks too. For example, the starting salary is usually lower than expected, there is a lack of benefits like medical insurance, and there is not much opportunity to share in company stock. The students other option is to join a corporate public relations department. Here, individuals usually get to interact with high company executives, receive a higher starting salary as well as more benefits, and more future opportunities become available. Just like a PR firm, a corporate department has its disadvantages. There is less of an opportunity to network with other professionals, the working pace can be slower as well as less involving, and it is more difficult to be hired at a corporate department without previous job experience.

Reading these facts has helped the student develop a better idea of both working environments. It seems that a corporate department has more to offer an individual for a long-term career. However, as we read that it is harder to be hired in a company department. It seems like it might be a good idea to start out at a PR firm and once an individual has some basic experience in public relations the individual may wish to switch from the firm to the department.


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