Why All These Comments?

February 6, 2010 at 5:46 pm (Comm 2322, Topic Of The Week) (, )

Have you ever read anything that you really identified with and possibly encouraged you? I know sometimes when I log onto facebook or twitter, I see some things that my friends say from time to time that make me feel really good. Or on the other hand, once in a while you may read something that makes you feel angry or very uncomfortable. I tend to get upset when people are discussing politics. It does not take long for me to find someone with a differing opinion from my own and I feel left with a desire to express my views as well. Well how in the world are we supposed to express ourselves in these situations? Should we not say anything at all? Or should tell everyone else how we feel excluding the author? We know of course that we should not do those things. The answer is, we should develop a well thought out and educated comment to leave with the author whenever possible.

One great thing about blogs is that they provide accessibility for people who may want to read your thought.  They also have the ability to allow those readers to express how they may feel about the topic in the form of a comment. This process provides feedback from your readers and lets you know when you have found an audience that either agrees with you or disagrees with you. Otherwise, it would be much more difficult to know if your writing is truly relevant to your readers or not.



  1. rob G. said,

    I really agree with this post. When you talked about facebook I actually remembered that there is a “like” tab that people often click on to let the person know that people like his status. Blogging is kind of the same way but as you said it is more of an educated “like”/”dislike” tab. People should leave well thought out and interesting comments as to keep the conversation going. Great post.

  2. Blog Comments for PR Comm 2322 « Rob Goetsch Jr said,

    […] title: Why all these comments? […]

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